A Beginner’s Guide To FIFA Ultimate Team

What exactly is Ultimate Team?

It involves you building from ground up the ultimate dream team and you have full control over what happens. It’s probably one of the best features to come to the series with so many things  to do not only when you’re on your console at home but when you’re out and about you can access the web app online that allows you to tend to your squad, consumables and so on. Also, the web app is available on the app store. News about it being available on the android market hasn’t been released yet but expect it to be in the next couple of months.  This article will help you to understand and help you with starting and progressing in building an ultimate team. Ultimate team is an online and off-line game mode. You’ll start off with your beginner’s pack of bronze players and then your task is to develop your squad into what you want.


Important Factors

You do have a few factors in your way. Two things that play a big role in it are chemistry and coins.


  • Chemistry is how the players fit into your squad. Factors that give players good chemistry are being in the same league/team, being from the same country, if they’re preferred formation is the same as yours and if they are playing in the right position. Some people don’t care about chemistry but it really helps your team to link up with each other and play better together. You will find out that the people who don’t care about chemistry will have allot of loses because there players can’t link as well together and they concede more goals causing the losses. For example: if you have a poor bronze team with 100 chemistry and you go up against a gold team with, let’s say, under 70 chemistry 8/10 times you will win.
  • Coins are your currency; it’s what you use to buy players, contracts and other things such as fitness cards. You earn coins by playing matches and selling players that you might not want for your squad. Fitness is also another factor in ultimate team, you have to keep your players fit by buying fitness cards or else they will be no help to your team and they will just end up getting injured a lot, which wastes your coins on buying injury cards and so on.


This is only a short beginner guide to help you start off your Ultimate Team on Fifa 13. There will be more in dept and advanced tutorials on the way.

 – The FIFA Guys



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