Skyrim : Gangnam Style Dance

If you ever wanted to see what it looked like if two guards from Skyrim started busting out Gangnam style in the middle of the street well then you’re in luck.


3 responses to “Skyrim : Gangnam Style Dance

    • When you start to get into Skyrim it can become really addictive. The best thing about the game itself really is the sandbox exploration and discovering new things because you never know what you’re going to find. Along all that is the games background lore that you will slowly learn over time. Hundreds of little stories within one game.Together with the that and the combat makes a package for an amazing adventure each time. Just watch out for the bugs.

      • Yeah I’ve seen the bugs. For someone who has time to invest in Skyrim I can see the appeal. But for someone who lacks the ability to focus on such for extended periods of time would find it difficult to enjoy. Such as I.

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