Skyrim’s DLC Struggle To The PS3 Is Nearly Over

Recently Bethesda has released 2 DLC packs for Skyrim (Dawnguard & Heartfire) and a 3rd (Dragonborn) recently announced but both of them have struggled to make it’s way to the PS3. Mainly because Bethesda were having major problems to getting it to work properly for the PS3 version of the game. Why is this a problem? Xbox was Skyrim’s lead console and when Bethesda went to port Skyrim to the PS3 they made a hash of it but slowly fixed up everything with patches that seemed to take years to come out and trying to add DLC was like driving a truck into the back of a BMW that had already crashed into a wall. None the less while Skyrim has had it’s clashes with the PS3 in a effort to help please fans (and make more money) they’ve reached out to Sony for help getting the DLC to run properly. Developers more familiar with the PS3 system and how the coding/technical stuff works will be working along side Bethesda devs in a hope they’ll find a solution and get it to work.

Rumours from around the web started when a beta tester for the 1.8 patch/update for Skyrim allegedly found a line of code within the patch suggesting a DLC for the PS3 and then future confirmation about PS3 DLC arose when Bethesda on twitter tweeted

For now all we can do is wait and PS3 users can hope that it arrives in good nick. Nothing worse than getting long waited DLC then not being able to play it (hoping the PS3 doesn’t lag to death with bugs). The new Dragonborn DLC like usual will have to fulfill it’s 30 day exclusive contract on Xbox before hitting PC and PS3 if it ever does.


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