Let’s Talk: Who Are GTA V’s 3 Protagonists?

It was revealed to us through Game Informer that GTA V instead of having 1 iconic protagonists it would have 3 main protagonists. First shown to us in Game Informers Cover reveal and confirmed over twitter lead to my facebook feed getting flooded and then getting over flooded when the digital release went live.

(From left to right: Trevor, Franklin and Michael)

The main idea of this is the ability to switch between different characters when ever you wanted to. The camera would zoom up from your current characters and go into a birds eye view of maps then zoom down to the character you wanted to switch to who is doing his own thing before you take over.

But who exactly are these blokes?

Let’s start with Michael (on the right)

He’s an successful former bank robber in his early 40’s that now lives a life of luxury in Rockford Hills after making a deal with the FIB. He lives with his wife (Amanda) who he hates and his two kids (Tracy and Jimmy) whom he can’t seem to understand. Michael is eager is jump back into the game with his money running out and his crazy domestic life. You play as Michael in the starting mission riding a mountain bike he pulls from his garage.

Next in line is Trevor the crazy looking guy on the left of the cover.

Trevor is a career criminal and former ex military pilot. He lives out in Blaine County which is in the desert and tends to have violent outbursts and destructive rampages.  He’s done a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day. During the reveal we were told a playtester flipped off random civilians at a gas station then  picked up a can of gasoline, doused it on a truck, poured a trailed away from the truck then set it on fire by dropping a zippo lighter.

Finally the last of the 3 is Franklin.

Franklin is the youngest of them being in his early 20s. Living in South Los Santos he works as a Repo Man for an Armenian luxury car dealership who sell cars to people who can’t afford them and when they default Franklin is there to do business as usual. Franklin stumbles into Michael when looking for a hustle.


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